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UK antique show

Enjoy the experience of a UK antique show, across the pond in the USA!
The Premiere International
Royal Doulton Event & Exposition

UK antique showUK antique shows are often grand affairs, spanning several days and bringing in tens of thousands of spectators. The most popular ones are usually held in larger cities, like London. Collectors and Dealers come in from around the world to participate in these yearly events in both exhibition and auction style formats. Some of the world's largest antiques shows occur in the American Northeast. UK Antique shows are some of the oldest. Indeed, the most successful antiques companies in the world, including Sotheby's, Bonham's and Christie's, are all English.


Experience the extravagant elegance of this exciting antique show and exposition to take place near Detroit, Michigan at the Marriott Eagle Crest Resort at Ypsilanti.

This preeminent international exposition, hosted by The Whitley Collection, is to take place July 17 - 19, 2009 and will feature an expansive roster of prestigious, international exhibitors featuring the finest in Royal Doulton, Moorcroft, and other masters of British art pottery design. Please click here to learn more about this amazing Royal Doulton event.

Gregg Whittecar and Arron Rimpley, promoters for this international event and owners of Whitley Collection and Seaway China located in Doral, Florida, have been providing collectors around the world with the finest in Royal Doulton, Moorcroft, Wedgwood and other fine art pottery and ceramics. They have successfully organized and participated in numerous expositions throughout the world.

Find out about all the excitement in store for guests to this wonderful event for art pottery collectors!
Contact whitley collection:

UK Free Phone: 0800 310 1219
Toll free (USA): 1-888-562-4463
2190 NW 87th Avenue
Doral, FL 33172

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Friday July 17, 2009 | Opening Night Preview Party
(Free Tickets) - Doors open at 7 PM

Saturday July 18, 2009 | Public Show
(Free Tickets) 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Saturday July 18, 2009 | Artisans in the Garden Dinner Party
$50 / pp | Event starts at 7:30 PM

Sunday July 19, 2009 | Public Show
(Free Tickets) 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Areas of Interest:
Figurines Character Jugs
Bunnykins Beatrix Potter
Stoneware Flambé
Kingsware Seriesware
Animals Andrew Hull
Other Everything!
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